Lin Liu


Areas of Expertise

Criminological Theory | Procedural Justice | Prosecution & Sentencing | Juvenile Delinquency | Quantitative Methodologies


Ph.D., University of Delaware, Criminology, 2020
M.S., University of Delaware, Statistics, 2020
M.A., University of Delaware, Criminology, 2016


Office: PCA-366A
Phone: 302.766.5082
Website: www.academics/
Twitter: @DrLiu
CV: Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Liu’s research encompasses prisoner reentry, corrections, policing, research methods, and statistics. She employs advanced statistical techniques such as machine learning, support vector machine, and high-order feature selection to examine complex issues in criminal justice and the social sciences. Her research has appeared in such journals as Justice Quarterly, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, and Criminal Justice & Behavior. Dr. Liu is an editorial board member of Crime & Delinquency and Women & Criminal Justice

Featured Publications

Liu, Lin. (2022). Racialized employment outcomes during reentry: A test of competing explanations. Crime & Delinquency. OnlineFirst.

Liu, Lin, Mowen, T. J., Visher, C., & Sun, D. (2022). Violent victimization during reentry: Prevalence, triggers, and impact on mental health. Justice Quarterly.

Liu, Lin, Visher, C., & O'Connell, D. (2022). Late-bloomers Among US Offenders: A Test Using a 30-Year Longitudinal Study.Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology.