CCJ Faculty to Evaluate the GREAT Program in Central America

The Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) Program has been in operation for several years in multiple Central American countries, but this will be the first systematic effort to evaluate its effectiveness. The 3-year grant project will be co-lead by researchers from Notre Dame and FIU. Jose Miguel Cruz of FIU's LACC, along with Ana Carazo and Dr. Meldrum, will be lead the work at FIU.

Dr. Peacock Pens New Op-Ed for The Miami Herald

In the Op-Ed, Dr. Peacock discusses how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put Moscow on the cyber defensive for the first time in a long time.

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FIU CCJ Professors Publish New Study on the Effects of Self-Defense Laws

The study, published in Crime & Delinquency, finds a marked rise in gun use among criminal offenders following the imposition of "stand your ground" and "castle doctrine" self-defense laws. The study was the result of a collaboration by Drs. D'Alessio, Stolzenberg, Guerette, and Zgoba.

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Ph.D. Candidate Doug Partin Leads New Study on Cybercrime Victimization

The study, published in Crime & Delinquency, investigates links between low self-control, risky online behavior, and cybercrime victimization experiences.

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