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Nelson Andreu, MPA, EdD
Chief of Police, West Miami Police Department; Homicide Detective (Ret.) Miami Police Department
Julie Barrows, PhD
Special Agent, Criminal Investigation, IRS
Brian Bonilla, MSCJ, CAMS, CFE
VP Assistant AML Officer, US Century Bank
Jennifer Broderick, JD
Alexander Casas, MS
Chief of Police, FIU Police Department
Cosimo Castronovo, MS
Captain, Administrative Services Division & Internal Affairs, City of Aventura Police Department
George Connolly, MS, M.Ed
Probation Supervisor, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice; FDLE/CJSTC Certified Instructor
Erik Cruz, PhD
Faculty Member, Florida Memorial University
Juan Del Rio, MSCJ
Dual Enrollment, Miami Dade County Public Schools; Doctoral student, PhD program in International Crime and Justice, FIU
Stephanie Delgado, MSCJ
Miami-Dade Police Department
Teresa Encalada, MSCJ
Case Coordinator, Guardian Ad Litem
Dana Farrell, PhD
Benjamin Guerrero, JD, MSCJ
Major, FIU Police Department
Valerie Hall, MS
EEO and Title IX Investigator, Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access, FIU, Miami-Dade Police Department (ret.)
Alfredo Izaguirre, JD
Criminal Defense Attorney, Alfredo A. Izaguirre, PA
Arthur King, MS
NYPD Detective (Ret.), Counter Terrorism Div., Organized Crime & Control; DEA; Navy Reserves; Miami Gardens PD Robbery/Homicide; FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force; SWAT; Hostage negotiator certified
Christopher Keller, MSCJ
Doctoral student, PhD in International Crime and Justice, FIU
David Kenton, JD, EdD
Senior Associate Director, OneStop, FIU
Phyllis Kotey, JD
Clinical Associate Law Professor, FIU; Judge (Ret.); U.S. Fulbright Scholar
Anna Leimberg, PhD
Daniella Long, MSCJ
Senior Program Coordinator Academic Support Services,FIU
John McLaughlin, PhD
Lieutenant (Ret.), Miami-Dade Police Department
Javier Marques, MBA, MS
Vice President for Operations and Safety and Chief of Staff, FIU
Brenda Mezick, JD
11th Judicial Circuit, Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney
Jorge Montero, MS
Police Lieutenant, Miami-Dade Police Department
Ronald Morales, MS, MBA, MPA
Firefighter, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue
Sharad Motiani, JD
Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of Florida
George Perera, MS
Captain, Miami-Dade Police Department
Bill Press, PhD
Captain (Ret.), Miami-Dade Police Department; Florida Homeland Security Forensic Chairperson for Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties; Former Chief of Fairhope Police Department
Kristy Reese, MSCJ
Miami-Dade Police Department
Harry Rhea, PhD
Sal Rivas, MS
Former Investigator, Organized Crime-Racketeering/Public Corruption, Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney
Christopher Rodriguez, MS
Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations
Rafael Rodriguez, MSCJ, MPA
Miami-Dade Police Department
Doreen Ruggiero, JD
Assistant Division Chief, Juvenile Courts Division, Clerk of Miami-Dade Courts
Madhuri Sharma, MS
Doctoral student, PhD in International Crime and Justice, FIU
Sadhika Soor, MSCJ
Doctoral Candidate, PhD in International Crime and Justice, FIU
Natalie Sosa-Ortiz, MSCJ
Doctoral student, PhD in International Crime and Justice, FIU
Christopher Torres, MSCJ
Crime Analyst II, City of Miami Police Department
Olga Vega, MSCJ
Doctoral candidate, PhD program in International Crime and Justice, FIU
Oscar Vigoa, PhD
Assistant Director (Ret.), Miami-Dade Police Department
Michael Weissberg, MS, MA, DRE, FCPP
Police/Administrative Officer, Grants Management Director, Miccosukee Police Department; Sergeant (Ret.), South Miami Police Department
Anthony Yeber, MPA, MSCJ
Lieutenant, Miami Dade Corrections