Ph.D. Student Research

Graduate students within the department of criminology and criminal justice, particularly our Ph.D. students, are actively engaged in a variety of research endeavors with both our faculty and fellow students. The following is a partial listing of academic research articles that were led or co-authored by our students.

Recent Ph.D. Student Publications

Arndt, M., & Silverthorn, R. (2023). “Data Can Be Manipulated”: How Prosecutors’ Attitudes Toward Racial Disparities and Data-Informed Decision-Making Diverge. Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology
Moricette, P., Stolzenberg, L., & D’Alessio, S. J. (2023). Race and the Sanctioning of Misdemeanor Defendants. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 48(2), 345-367.
Flexon, J. L., Liu, L., Greenleaf, R. G., & James, N. (2023). Income and Calling the Police: Examining a Nuanced Relationship Toward Theoretical Refinement. Victims & Offenders.
Sanchez, J., & Cruz, J. M. (2023). The dynamics of criminal cooperation between the police and gangs in Honduras. Trends in Organized Crime.
Lebron, A. C., James, N., Pires, S. F., & Cohn, E. G. (2023). An examination of article productivity and influence among criminology and criminal justice doctoral faculty, 2015–2021. Journal of Criminal Justice Education
Meldrum, R. C., Kevorkian, S. S., & Lehmann, P. S. (2023). Childhood adversity, depression, and digital self-harm. The Social Science Journal. OnlineFirst.
Partin, R. D., Hare, M., Meldrum, R. C., & Trucco, E. M. (2022). Sleep problems and self-control: An examination of reciprocal effects across childhood and adolescence. Journal of Criminal Justice, 83, 101975.
Liu, L., Lazazzara, G., & Meldrum, R. C. (2022). The nexus of violent victimization, mental health, and employment: findings from a sample of post-incarcerated individuals. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. OnlineFirst.
Sharma, M., Stolzenberg, L., & D'Alessio, S. J. (2022). Evaluating the cumulative impact of indigent defense attorneys on criminal justice outcomes. Journal of Criminal Justice, 81, 101927.
Przeszlowski, K., Guerette, R. T., Lee-Silcox, J., Rodriguez, J., Ramirez, J., & Gutierrez, A. (2022). The centralization and rapid deployment of police agency information technologies: An appraisal of real-time crime centers in the US. The Police Journal. OnlineFirst.
Partin, R. D., Meldrum, R. C., Lehmann, P. S., Back, S., & Trucco, E. M. (2021). Low self-control and cybercrime victimization: An examination of indirect effects through risky online behavior. Crime & Delinquency. OnlineFirst.
Partin, R. D. & Lehmann, P. S. (2021). The association between sleep duration and arrest among adolescents. Crime & Delinquency. OnlineFirst.
Goddard, T. & Bellasalma, C. (2021) Voluntary Organizations and Crime Prevention. In B.M. Huebner (ed.), Oxford Bibliographies in Criminology. New York: Oxford University Press.
Guerette, R. T., Przeszlowski, K., Lee-Silcox, J., & Zgoba, K. M. (2021). Improving policing through better analysis: an empirical assessment of a crime analysis training and enhancement project within an urban police department.Police Practice and Research, 22(4), 1425-1442.

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