Resources for Graduate Students


FIU Graduate Funding, Assistantships, Fellowships, and External Funding. The FIU University Graduate School (UGS) maintains this very comprehensive list of various internal and external funding, scholarships and fellowships. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for the Doctoral Evidence Acquisition Fellowship (DEA) and the Doctoral Year Fellowship (DYF)

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRF). The NIJ Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) program supports doctoral students engaged in research that advances NIJ's mission.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRF). The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based Master's and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions.

Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRF). The Bureau of Justice Statistics offers a Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) Program that provides awards to accredited universities for doctoral research that uses criminal justice data or statistical series and that focuses on crime, violence, and other criminal justice-related topics.

The American Society of Criminology (ASC) offers the Ruth D. Peterson Fellowship for Racial and Ethnic Diversity in addition to other award opportunities.


Federal Government Grants. is a central storehouse for information on federal grant programs. This site contains information on all current grant solicitations, grant writing, grand definition, and a search engine to find a suitable grant.

The Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ offers funding opportunities to support law enforcement and public safety activities in state, local, and tribal jurisdictions; to assist victims of crime; to provide training and technical assistance; to conduct research; and to implement programs that improve the criminal, civil, and juvenile justice systems.

DOJ Grant Agency Sites

  1. The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)
  2. Office of Justice Programs (OJP)
  3. Office of Violence Against Women (OVW)

Travel Support for Graduate Students

The FIU Graduate and Professional Student Committee (GPSC) provides financial travel support for students to present in conference and attend professional development. Students are required to complete a GPSC workshop when applying for this fund.

The Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs provides matching fund up to $200 each year. Application.

Publication Success

Effectively Locating, Reading, and Citing Research

How to Generate Ideas for a Publishable Paper

Crafting an Academic Journal Article

Selecting Journals in Which to Publish Your Research

Navigating the Journal Review Process

Coping with Rejection by Journals and the Pressure to Publish

Professional Editing Services to Help You Publish

Academic Job Market Considerations

Questions to Ask During an Academic Job Interview

A Practical Guide to the Criminology and Criminal Justice Job Market for Doctoral Candidates: Pre-Market Preparation through Offers and Negotiations